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  • What is a VAT Return Filing?

The Official Documents to be completed by a Taxable Person and submitted to the FTA on regular intervals detailing any output tax due and input tax recoverable.

  • What is a TAX period?

A Tax Period is a specific period of time for which the payable tax shall be calculated and paid. The standard Tax period shall be applicable to a Taxable person is a period of three calendar months.

  • VAT Return Due date? VAT Payment Due date?

The VAT return Payment of VAT must be received by FTA not later than the 28 th day of following the end of the Tax Period.

  • Import points to be considered while filing Returns?

a) Insert all amounts in UAE Dirhams
b) Insert all amount nearest to fills
c) Complete all mandatory fields
d) USE “0” where necessary and should not leave blank
e) Enter all expenses subject to the standard rate of VAT for which you would like to
recover input tax.
f) Goods imported via RCM shall be inserted in Box 3

  • What are the normal lapse by the tax filing person slip-up while filing the return?

In most cases the tax filing person will forget to click the Submit button once they finish the VAT return filing and on the basis of the payable tax amount work-sheet they may make payment to FTA without confirmation from FTA side. This leads to hefty fine from FTA for Non-Submission of VAT Return filing.

  • How the Tax Person knows about the payable tax amount to FTA and Is there any mechanism from FTA for the confirmation of VAT Return Filing?

Yes. Once the VAT Return submitted to FTA site the FTA will send a confirmation email to the taxable person and also will inform via SMS to the registered mobile.

In addition the Tax person can view the payable amount by clicking the MY PAYMENTS tab in FTA site.

  • What are the Penalties imposed by the FTA for non–submission by the Taxable person on due date?

The FTA shall impose a Fine of AED1, 000/- immediately on the following date of the due date (29 th of the tax end period) and which will reflect in the MY PAYMENTS tab. This Fine will be doubled if the Tax Person forget file the second quarter.

VAT Obligation – Tax Return Filing and Payment

  • Submission online
  • Deadline for submission and payment
    1. The due date will be 28 days following the end of the return period
    2. Where the due date falls on a weekend or national holiday, the deadline shall be extended to the first following working day
    3. Late submission or payment can result in a penalty levied by the FTA.



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