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VAT Return Filing in UAE?

Simplify Your Return Filing with Our Tax Agents and Tax Experts

Professional tax and accounting experts will guide you with the most competitive price in UAE. We are the top class auditing and tax agency company to fill your all VAT requirements. Our qualified and experienced team will give you the best and flawless VAT experience. We deliver outstanding services to your organization on time to comply with the VAT law.

VAT return filing is the process of submitting the tax document to the federal tax authority. Based on the tax period a taxable person is responsible to produce the accurate report. Usually organizations relay on vat return filing service agents for this purpose.VAT return filing is done online through the web portal of FTA. Every business is required to provide all the details and documents supporting the return file. VAT return form has to be filled by the authorized person by providing the required information.

Process of VAT Return Filing in UAE

Vat return filing in UAE is proceeded through VAT return form 201. The procedure includes following stages of actions:

Taxable Person Details

Tax registration number of the tax payer will generate the basic details in the form automatically. If the returning is done by a tax agent Tax agent approval number and tax agency number will be generated for the further processing.

VAT Return Period

VAT return period for which the organization is currently filing a return, the Tax Year end, VAT return period reference number and VAT return due date will be auto-populated. The tax year end is important for businesses who are not able to recover all of their input VAT and need to perform an input tax apportionment annual adjustment. VAT return period reference number shows the VAT return period for which you will be returning the file.

  • VAT on sales and all other output
  • VAT on expenses and all other inputs
  • Net VAT due
  • Additional documents
  • Declaration and authorized signatory

VAT return filing in UAE requires several documentation process which are complicated to organize and submit in accordance to the FTA regulations. Here comes the relevance of fixing a tax agent to file the VAT returns to the government.

Preparation of documents, Consolidation, Detailing and sub detailing under each headings, Declaration of the data etc. are few of them. It will not be an easy task for the organization to collate and compile all the required transaction and details for tax return filing. Professional tax accountants will serve these situations with their expertise and knowledge.

Our VAT return filing service in UAE is highly recommended for you to have a flawless and on time submission. Our eminent service to cater all your taxation requirements will satisfy your organizational policies and there by Excellency can be achieved easily. We build a strong relationship with the government by abiding to the FTA regulations.

Why Trusted Partner for VAT Return Filing??

VAT return filing is the process that determines the viability of the organization in UAE. With this formal submission of tax related documents and return details, organization is assuring the government that they follow the FTA regulations. We are responsible to be the trustworthy liaison in all of your VAT compiling requirements. Our squad of VAT return filing will showcase the best service with high end efficiency.

  • On time VAT return filing
  • Accuracy in Tax calculation
  • Communicating for excess tax return
  • Professional recording of tax liability and records
  • Efficient filing



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