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/Tax Agent

A tax agent is a person who is registered with FTA to represent any taxable person in front of the FTA. A tax agent in Dubai will serve the client to fulfil their needs on tax payments, queries, or any obligations related to tax. Tax agents will professionally support various organizations with an effective and efficient service.

Tax agencies have got high relevance and acceptance in UAE. With the introduction of new VAT scheme in the nation, organizations existing here are seeking professional agents to be an intermediate between the company and federal tax authority.

Looking for a Tax Agent in Dubai?

We are committed to serve the organizations with all types of tax services. Our tax agent will be responsible in providing records, information, documents and other financial data to the federal tax authority. Handling all tax affairs with the FTA will be easier and comfortable for you with our quality service.

Responsibility of a Tax Agent

  • Tax agents are expected to be competent,
  • Tax agent should be ethical and professional in providing quality service and advice to their clients.
  • Help the clients with all tax queries
  • Comply with the customers tax obligations
  • Tax agents should meet all the expectations of the clients

We Provide Following Services as a Tax Agent

  • VAT Registration– We help you to do the VAT registration for the organization. We serve the clients with VAT Person Registration, VAT Group Registration
  • Preparing, submitting and Filing VAT Returns
  • Maintenance of all the Financial records related to tax transactions
  • Liaison with FTA on your tax related matters
  • Represent you in front of FTA if there will be any query or clarification required
  • Assistance during tax audit or tax Inspection
  • Arrangement and preparation of supporting documents on VAT for the FTA during the tax audit
  • To submit request for reconsiderations on the decisions made by the FTA
  • De-registration with FTA



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