Fine disputes and appeals

/Fine disputes and appeals

Tax is the commitment with government. Any delays, complications or improper clarification may lead to a grievance or dispute between the involved parties. As the taxation is monitored and regulated by federal tax authority, a government establishment, each and every situation cannot be produced at any time.

Tax related issues are always complicated. Various issues including disputes, delay payments and tax appeals are managed and handled by the tax consultants.  Sometimes organization may experience serious disputes related to the tax payment or procedures.

Our professional agents will file all your grievances and complaints related to the taxation and resolve the issues. Appealing on tax related issues with the federal taxation authority will clarify the concept more.

Common Fine Disputes with the Tax Authority

Organization may fall in dispute with the tax authority if they get any fines or notice. Generally the confusion raised may put loads of questions like why we have been fined or how to communicate with the authorities. Our panel of tax consultants in Dubai will help your all ambiguities related to the taxation.

Depending on the nature of dispute and fine our tax consultants in Dubai will direct you with proper guidance. Our tax dispute resolution service will bring the best service to cater you needy time. We are the expert tax agency service to deal with various tax disputes professionally. Our efficient tax agents will find the best tax dispute resolution to serve you in the dilemma.


When it comes to the taxation of organizations, common delays due to internal and external factors, penalties due to the operational inefficiencies, failure by the payment acceptance etc. will lead in to the imposition of fine. Usually organization may approach tax consultants for the assistance and representation in federal tax authority.

Tax Appeals

Organization may experience different kind of disagreement with the taxation authority. Tax appeals are the way to resolve this kind of issues in between. With the standard set procedure of tax appealing you can proceed to ask for the further clarification or decisions regarding the issue.

Our professional tax consultants in Dubai will represent our clients for tax appealing. Any appeal against the decision taken by taxation authority will be executed by our professional tax consultants in Dubai.

Tax Appeal Process

If an organization decide to appeal any decisions of taxation authority,

  • Your tax consultant will create an appeal notice and it will be submitted by your tax agent on behalf of your organization.
  • Upon the acceptance of appeal notice, tax consultants will produce statement and supporting documents to the authority
  • If all the documents and evidences were acceptable, tax appeal will be accepted
  • Tax appeal hearing will be scheduled
  • Final decision will be declared

Benefits of Tax Appeals

Tax appeals stands for the representation of disagreement with any kind of decisions by Federal tax authority on your organization. Organization can prove themselves with the highlight on proof or evidence, if your tax agent could produce an appeal into consideration of the FTA.

  • Tax appeal will give the organization a chance to prove on
  • Tax appeal will resolve the dispute between two parties
  • Tax appeals will save the organizations reputation as well as the recognition
  • Tax appeal will help you with tax savings



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