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Organizations run effectively with a qualified and experienced finance team. Controlling the factors that makes the organization to move flawless is not easy as expected. Dealing with money flow in and out of the organization may face several critical situations. Setting of the financial policies, regulations etc. also seek expert hands.

Accounting services is all about that caters the entire accounting needs of a company. Our accounting firms in Dubai will cater you with the most cost effective plans and procedures for your business. We help you to build the most comprehensive and competitive financial plans. Experienced accounting team from our accounting company in Dubai will resolve any dilemma in short time.Based on the nature and mode of business, accounting services involved may vary. Generally accountants are involved with recording and analyzing business transactions, book keeping, financial assessment like auditing, financial management etc

We support the organization to record all kinds of financial documents in order to experience a smooth run. Our expert team will perform the most professional and scientific bookkeeping service which will help your organizational growth. Following bookkeeping services are provided by our accounting firm in Dubai.

  • Reconciliation of Ledgers
  • Cashbook maintenance
  • Reconciliation of Bank
  • Reconciliation of credit card
  • Fixed asset register
  • Recording of transaction

Our accounting company in Dubai perform accurate and intelligent payroll management for your firm. Expert accounting team will extend our service with maximum integrity and confidence to give you a smooth payroll performance. Your every deal with the most important asset of the organization is no more stressful!!

  • HR department coordination
  • Salary processing
  • Calculation of overtime, incentives and bonus
  • Management of employee requirements and expenses
  • Wage and salary scheme management

We provide chartered accounting services to meet all your auditing needs. Expert auditors in our team will provide excellent auditing experience to you in short time. We provide services by:

  • Chartered accountant audit
  • Chartered management accountant
  • Chartered certified accountant
  • Chartered finance and public accountant

Trusted Partner is a highly committed and dedicated accounting company in Dubai to deal with all kind of tax accounting of any kind of establishment. Our tax experts and professionals will help the organization with tax registration, tax return filing, tax disputes and fines etc.  We are specialized in:

  • Resolving tax related issues
  • Fine disputes and appeals
  • Tax agency service
  • VAT accounting

Our investigative accountants will support the clients to conduct professional forensic accounting to track the missing funds or any kind of discrepancies in the finance department. We are proficient in the unveiling truth on any kind of accusation including:

  • Tax fraud
  • Bribery
  • Corruption
  • Misappropriation of assets
  • Evasion

Trusted Partner has a full time dedicated team to assist all your financial reporting of the organization. Our expert accounting team will prepare any kind of financial statements or reports on monthly, quarterly or annual base. Timely financial performance review and analysis also done based on those reports. Our services include:

  • Creating chart of accounts
  • Financial statements
  • Financial analysis
  • Ledger set up
  • Auditing reports

High class accounting software consultation is offered by our accounting firm in Dubai. We build customized soft wares for all of your accounting needs. We provide end to end accounting software solutions to our clients. We provide:

  • Customized accounting software
  • Software implementation
  • Software training
  • Software services.



Team Trusted Partner provides accurate and up to date information with utmost transparency.