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/Financial Report Audit

We are the leading financial report auditing firm in UAE. Over years of excellent service, we are committed to undertake one and each project towards us with the best class services. We carefully examine the client’s financial statements in the light of our expertise. Auditing has become an inevitable action that has to be furnished in front of investors, shareholders. Suppliers, lenders etc. Our professional auditing will add credibility to your organization through performance.

Our financial auditor in Dubai will critically analyze and evaluate financial statements and produce a report on his findings based on the presented statements and disclosures. Auditors report is always followed with the financial statements in order to reach on to the recipients like suppliers, stakeholders.Auditing is usually the most expensive procedure to get transparency among financial deals of organizations. We are the cost effective auditing solutions provider with experienced professionals. According to the financial policies and regulations, our team craft the most reliable and accurate reports towards your fair proceedings.

Why Financial Report Audits are Important?

Financial reports are the foremost tool to evaluate an organization by investors and creditors. The fairness and accuracy shown and followed by the organization will get reflected in their financial reports. Accurate financial statements and reports will add smooth incline in the organizations growth curve.

Organizations strive to maintain the accounting standards and policies in order to have fair response towards the audit reports. As these reports are the foundation towards the upcoming decisions and planning’s of the organization, an auditor takes high risk on this part to critically analyze and evaluate the financial statements.

Benefits of Financial Auditing Reports:

  • Financial transparency
  • Evaluate tax liability
  • Mitigate errors
  • Build trust
  • Improved payment cycle
  • Better decision making, planning and forecasting

Financial Auditing process

Certified auditors in Dubai will examine the organizations financial statements and it involves continuous and dedicated effort to bring you the most accurate and reliable report. Expert financial auditors in Dubai will dig on all financial situations, controls, policies and other factors that may affect the financial roof holding of the firm. Careful and scientific evaluation on each and every thing that are connected financially to the organization is involved in this financial auditing.


Usually Financial Report Auditing is done with Following Stages:

The financial auditors will collect all types of financial documents and organize it accordingly for the fair run of auditing process. This may include sales receipts, invoice, bank receipts etc.

Financial auditors will carefully examine the record keeping policies of the organization and critically cross check for their proper storage and access on timely requirement. These archived records should be quickly accessible upon any requirements.

Auditors will review on each and every element of the accounting system possessed by the organization. Our financial auditors in Dubai will work on the accounting system to find that all necessary accounts are present and accessible.

Auditors will cross check on the internal control policies which safeguard from theft and fraud. They will review on assigned duties on accounting department, password protected soft wares, locked safe for holding important bank documents etc.

Auditors will compare internal records of cash holdings, income and expenses against external records. Our professional auditors will check the company’s stored external records and compare selected transactions against internal records.

In order to produce the most accurate and reliable financial audit report, professional auditors will review on the tax records. Tax payment receipts and details will be monitored against the company records.

Financial auditing is a complicated task as it involves loads of confident and complicated data and files of the organization. A deeper excavation to one and each element that plays a role in the core financial activity of the organization should be handled by the expert hands. We being, one of the first rated financial auditing firm in UAE, always stand by the clients with our trustworthy auditing and assurance services.


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