Liaison with FTA for all tax related issues

/Liaison with FTA for all tax related issues

Federal tax authority is the government establishment to take care about the tax related decisions and amendments in United Arab Emirates. All the tax procedures and regulatory measures will be constructed under the vision of this authority. FTA is the link between the organizations and government in terms of all legal factors bounded with taxation. They are managing and collecting all federal taxes and fines. They are responsible to distribute tax generated revenue in UAE.

Organizations may experience different tax related issues, whereas they cannot connect with the federal tax authority each and every time. We strive to resolve all your tax related queries and issues by being a linking agent between the taxation authority and the client. We are the licensed tax agent in Dubai delivering cost effective tax consultation to every type of organizations subjected to the tax.

We are responsible for all of the queries and issues submitted by our clients. We represent your issues in federal tax authority and seek the earliest response in a way to serve you in short time. We will be responsible for:

  • Administering tax related functions
  • Resolving disputes on tax
  • Handling complaints, comments and suggestions
  • Assistance to all tax issues
  • Representing all tax affairs in federal tax authority

Common Tax Related Issues Faced by the Organizations

Organizations are controlled by various internal and external factors. Any kind of malfunction may interrupt the entire performance by the organization. Tax related issues are common among companies as it is a factor directly influencing the financial controls of the firm. Commonly experienced tax related issues are as follows:

  • Delay penalties
  • Overdue penalties
  • Accuracy related penalties
  • Failure in filing the returns
  • Failure in submitting the documents
  • Misrepresentation
  • Frivolous issues
  • Corruption
  • Misappropriation
  • Auditing errors

How Do We Work?

We are licensed tax agent in Dubai to represent our clients in front of federal tax authority. Being committed to government rules and regulations demand you to be precise on the part of taxation. Every organization may not possess an expert tax consultant for one and each tax queries. Tax agency in Dubai will have high access in FTA platforms to clear and finalize with various tax issues.

In the current scenario, most of the organizations are struggling with the VAT related concerns starting from the registration with FTA. We deliver the best guidance to our clients to have a clear and concise idea on Vat registration and further tax related process.



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