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VAT Implementation in UAE

Being the top rated auditing and tax agency, we always stand by our customers with utmost care and professionalism.  In the light of our expertise, UAE VAT law will never affect the flow of your organization. Our certified auditors and tax consultants will make a flawless implementation plan to your organization. Careful analysis and strategic procedures of our team will give all the necessary guidelines to make your VAT implementation in Dubai.

Our Tax Agents will guide your finance team on the changes they have to practice with respect to the VAT law in UAE. Awareness and guidance to the IT department and other management delegates will be delivered scientifically, by offering you the best VAT implementation in Dubai. With our delegate VAT consulting team, you are on the safer part.  Our expert squad will support you to overcome all the challenges of VAT on business.

VAT implementation in Dubai refers to the application of VAT scheme in the organization as per the FTA guidelines. It is referred as the addition of new accounting practice in the entire operations by an organization. VAT implementation starts with the awareness session to the business.

VAT implementation generally falls under various category based on the kind of business. AS VAT is merely a new concept, organization requires expert advice for the introduction of same. VAT implementation in UAE should follow the regulatory frame work suggested by the federal tax authority. Implementation of VAT includes following steps.

Creating a Tax Plan

VAT implementation starts with the planning to understand the business model and VAT consultant will frame the best plan that that suits the organization. As a part of VAT implementation in Dubai business, careful planning and strategic moves are required to comply with the VAT law and also to beat on the competitors.


Once the plan is designed, management and employees will be trained on behalf of the VAT concept and the organizations policy to deal with the VAT. An in depth understanding about the UAE VAT law will be given to the employees such that every department will digest the concept and procedures easily.

Analysis of VAT Impact on Business

VAT may affect the business with serious implications. A study on expected changes that may happen with new taxation introduction to the firm will produce more results. Influence of VAT on working capital, costing, profitability etc. will be analyzed by experts.

Registration of  VAT

By considering the UAE VAT law, organizations will be advised to register with federal taxation authority with procedural formalities.

Accounting System under VAT

When VAT is introduced to the organization, suitable amendments in the present accounting system will be made. Accounting team and the entire finance department will be trained well in a way to cop up with the new change.

Invoicing under VAT

Invoicing pattern will be changed after the VAT implementation. Sales and IT department will be trained to make happen the expected kind of alterations in the invoice structure.

IT & Software Migration

When the VAT is introduced to the business, loads of change in the information system would be required. IT department will be advised to make suitable change in the billing, accounting, administrative or any other sections to comply with the UAE VAT law.

Return Filing

Accurate and reliable tax return filing should be done by the organization. Careful examination on tallying tax input credits and other liabilities will help to produce a perfect and lawful return file. FTA compel each and every registered firm to submit the return with VAT law formalities.



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