VAT Registration

/VAT Registration

The form should be completed by a person who is authorized signatory of the business e.g. a Director, owner, someone holding Power of Attorney to sign on behalf of the business etc.

Prior to completing the form ensure you have considered the following:

    1. Are you required to register for VAT or registering voluntarily?
    2. Are you applying for a single VAT registration or for registration as a VAT group?
    3. Have supporting documents and information on hand to upload e.g. trade license, certificate of incorporation, Emirates ID, Articles of Association, bank account details, etc.
    4. The VAT registration form will also ask you to provide details about your business, such as:
      • Description of business activities
      • Last 12 months turnover figures
      • Projected future turnover for next year
      • Expected value of imports/exports
      • Whether you expect to deal with GCC supplies or customers
      • Details of Customs Authority registration, if applicableThe VAT registration form will also ask you to provide details about your business, such as:

Late VAT Registration – Bullet points

As per Article (7) of Executive Regulation of Federal Decree Law No (8) clearly states that the person or entity having a threshold of AED375, 000/- (sales) has to be registered for TRN immediately.

Article (8) Executive Regulation of Federal Decree Law No (8) recommends the business person to register on VOLUNTARY basis if the Sales & Supplies exceeds AED187,500/-

In this regards we are receiving lot of queries from the public and business people and we are delighted to address it as follows:

      • When the deadline of mandatory registration was fixed by the FTA and if not
        registered within the deadline what will be the consequences?

The closing date for mandatory registration was 30 th April 2018 and those who have not registered within the deadline will get a Fine of AED20, 000/-by FTA while issuing the TRN and which will notify by the FTA via registered email to client.

      • If a Business go for registration in May as they achieved the threshold by May
        15 th 2018 will they get a fine of late registration?

Yes As per Article (7) Clause No.5 clearly states that where a person expected his supplies in accordance with Decree law will exceed the Mandatory threshold during the next 30 days shall also be registered even before the deadline.

      • What are the other points to be considered while proceed for late registration after the deadline if the business has the threshold of Registration.

a) The Effective date starting from shall be the 1 st day of the month proceed for
b) Ensure the threshold exceeded date should be given the exact date the limit
c) Ensure the Registration is Voluntary by clicking voluntary button
d) Activity shall be selected apt to the business
e) Customs Code should add if the business have Import /Export Code from
Customs Department



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